About the artist

«I am working on exploring the possibilities of abstract painting by combining special colors and color harmonies. I am inspired by music, including Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and Tina Turner. The paintings have a fluid surface and intense strokes that ‘translate’ the rhythm of the music.

The palette in my paintings often carries an ethereal color impression with challenging color encounters, slightly outside the harmonious. This is where I find the physical sensations I seek, like the little break in a singing voice that hits me.

The works are created through a connection to the music I listen to, while I work on the pieces, describing the color harmonies and energies the music creates in me.

Music is the art form that most easily reaches the emotions, and I try to interpret this influence directly.

Music and painting have intersecting linguistic formulations. Music also has terms like chords, tonality, transitions, rhythms, and repetitions. A language we also use for painting.

The music we hear helps shape us as human beings. It says something about who we are, the era we live in, and where we come from.


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2014-2013 student with Markus Brendmoe
2012-2009 DTK – interdisciplinary art institute
2016-2000 various courses

Workshops abroad
2012 Cascais, Julio de Silva
2011 London, Jose de Silva
2002 San Pedro de Alcantarra, various courses for a year

Other artistic activity
Member of NFUK, Norwegian Association for Independent Artists Board member of Flytårnet Cultural Center 2021

2009 Norwegian Public Roads Administration
2011 Collective decoration for child/family unit, Asker municipality.»


Else Lerberg Gjerdrum
Forneburingen 33 
1360 Fornebu 
Tel 0047 996 172 52 


2023 Gallery Oker, Bergen
2023 Gallery Etra, Mexico
2022 Exhibition Etra, Mexico
2020 NFUK digital biennale, juryert 
2020 Flytårnet Kultursenters Høstutstilling, juryert
2019 Buskerud Kunstsenter, Stipendutstillingen
2019 Flytårnet Kultursenters Høstutstilling, juryert
2018 Galleri Star, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium NFUK 
2018 Høstutstilling, Fornebu, juryert 
2017 Romeriksutstillingen,juryert 
2016 Pop up, Tjøme 
2015 Rådhusgalleriet, Shades of colours 
2015 Novemberutstillingen, Drammen 
2014 Galleri DC-9, Fornebu (separat) 
2014 Utendørsgalleriet GFK , store formater 2014 Oslo Open